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Daring to mix functions within a single building gives a degree of sense to the idea of conviviality.
Developing this within a same district avoids the drift towards ghettos, and breathes life into the city. Shops, offices, residential, temporary residences, retirement homes, all grouped around public areas and common equipment, all these enable the various different functions to cohabit and, therefore, man to be brought back into the heart of the city.


After having worked for years as Atelier d'Art Urbain, our team of architects and town-planners changes its company name and becomes Vizzion Architects, belonging to the Vizzion group where they play the designer's role. It now gives itself a better integrated architectural design that suits the financial aspect of its achievements, without giving up their town-planning, social, esthetical and ecological goals, that always have been the driving force of its ambitions.

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VIdeo Green Square
Vizzion europe and VIZZION Architects combine the synergies of their skills

VIZZION EUROPE develops large scale real estate projects through its global approach and transforms them into genuine projects for society relying on the signature of Vizzion Architects.
VIZZION europe brings together and coordinates all the stakeholders needed in the execution of real estate projects, from the search for land right through to marketing. This involves for example the specialist engineering consultants, the owner's representative, site coordination, research, the manufacture and use of materials and finishing elements...
Coordination of the entire process is therefore improved.

Jardins des fonderies
Green Island
Monte Carlo Beach Bay
Mipim Award 1998
Residential developments
"Le Jardin des Fonderies"
Mipim Award 2000
Business centres
"Green Island "
Nominated for the Mipim Awards 2006
Hotels & Tourism Resorts
"Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort"